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Bisogna conoscere l'anima delle persone per ammirarne il volto. Amedeo Modigliani
Chi possiede il dono della creatività, possiede qualcosa di cui non sempre è padrone, qualcosa che qualche volta, stranamente, decide e lavora per se stesso. Charlotte Brontë.

Diego Bestonzo
Engineer and freelancer.

I dedicated my life to science, creative technology and innovation.
I built my first experience in informatics at age 14 at the company of my parents, using SCO UNIX with an old pentium 386 and 10 terminals lan.
My first Job was as system Administrator of Studio ETA where i've implemented and managed Exchange server, Client, and I did practice on Windows NT/ and 2003 Server AD. At the same time i've working for the Regio Theatre of Turin, where i started programming PERL-TK. The theater is fully automated using PLC and PERL -TK under linux (ex. opening doors, antifire, system, light and even the stage). In 2004 I've started a new experience in automotive group, where I gain robust knowledge in AD, VPN and application.
I decided to go back to Polytechnic University because I was eager to understand the practical aspects on how to translate what i've learned and the science and engineering to creative product and services in order to benefit society so I've started some entrepreneurial activities such as Website Design Develop, Smartphone & Tablet Repair, Computer Sell and Repair.
In 2005 I've started my first work international experience at XX Olympic Winter Games of Turin 2006 as part of Server Admin's team. It was a wonderful work experience, I've learned other cultures (such as English and Chinese), languages, and working methodologies.
In 2006 I've started my longest work experience in Selex now part of Finmeccanica (one of the world's governmental biggest players that provides technological excellence to Government Agencies, the DoD, and industry partner), I've spanned all aspects of the sector from (installing pc) to team management and in a few years everything was changing for me as well for Selex. They have believed in my ideas and I was happy and proud to redesign and implement all the newest IT service domain of Selex. From physical to virtual (vmware 2.5-6.1), from 9 windows 2000/NT domains to a single windows 2012R2 domain, from different and inhomogeneous manual task to custom or standard automatic task distributed on all Italy's territory. Strong of the gained experience, I participated in the drafting of the guidelines in the IT sector for the foreseeable future of the group.

Since January 2017 I'm writing a new chapter of my life, I'm permanently relocated in Basel for working as IT Architect and Infrastucture Engineer in TALLY-WEiJL Trading AG. Here I deepen my knowledge in Citrix, CashDesk management and attend a course in Project Management.
In Feb 2019 I’m Relocated in Lugano for working as IT Architect and Infrastucture Engineer in CornerBanca.

Photograpy is one of my passion. I use my camera to capture and document moments in life, through visual story. Photography is my favorite way to express myself.
My photos give people a chance to see the way I think. My photos help bring attention to the little things that often get overlooked. Almost like collaborating thoughts, photography shows people new angles and perspectives on life.
I love presenting my work to people, because my photos are like a peek through my eyes. My photos show my unique thought process and my interpretation of the world around me. The exploration of these small moments in time help me to deeper indulge in the moment. My goal and ultimate feeling of success is drawing other people into that moment as well. I love finding beauty in everyday spots that may be passed by without a second glance. Through landscapes I have learned that I would really love to travel and see more interesting parts of the world. Thanks to landscape photos, one photographer can take thousands of people to the featured spot and everyone can interpret it differently. Thanks to other’s photography, I have experienced a lot more than my own eyes have seen. I hope more exploration soon broadens my horizons to see different parts and moods of nature. I am inspired by surrounding emotion of the moment. I’ve always been encouraged to think outside the box; I am inspired to find, with my lens, something different. I am inspired by the little moments that we so often lose to memory. The best photos are the photos that resurface with it, a scent, a feeling, an essence. Something beautiful.

Good photography needs no words.

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